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    brandmotion logo custom audio erie pa 16506

    Radar Blind Spot Monitoring

    Lower your collision risk and give your fleet drivers complete confidence when changing lanes or backing out of a parking spot with our authentic OEM radar blind spot monitoring system, designed to fit any car or SUV, and the 2015 and up  Ford F150 (additional pickup truck solutions coming soon).  


    brandmotion radar detection custom audio erie pa 16506


    This is the one retrofit Radar Blind Spot monitoring and detection system that works like an original equipment-based system. Based on components validated by Toyota, it works closer to the systems found on new vehicles than any other system available. Brandmotion’s radar-based system works with any vehicle with plastic facias (all bumpers except metal pickup truck bumpers) and offers the only system based on automaker-validated original equipment components, resulting in true OEM-like fit, finish, and performance. Brandmotion offers the first aftermarket solution to include cross-traffic detection as well as the first system to eliminate 95% of false triggers common in other systems.  


    Camera Blind Spot Monitoring

    Camera-based blind spot monitoring uses your vehicles turn signals to activate small exterior mirror mounted cameras and display the image on your factory display or separate dash mounted monitor.  It wont alert you to vehicles in your blind spot like our radar-based system does, but it will provide a helpful view of what’s in your blind spot when changing lanes.