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    When it's time to invest in a remote car starter, don't trust your vehicle with anyone else. Here at Custom Audio in Erie, PA, we understand that for most people their vehicle is one of their largest financial investments, and we go to great lengths to protect that investment. That's why we do things a little differently. We do not unnecessarily cut wires and we do not use plastic T-tap connectors. Instead, we use the military splice method.


    *T-Harness installation is also available for 75% of vehicles on the road today. T-Harness installation is explained below.



    Stage 1:

    custom audio remote car start stage 1


    The first stage in Custom Audio's remote start installation process is to expose the vehicle wiring and wrap the remote start wire around it. This is called the Military Splice method. We do NOT unnecessarily cut wires and we do NOT use plastic T-tap connectors.

     Stage 2: 

    custom audio remote car start stage 2


    The second stage is to solder the wire. This ensures the remote start wire has the most secure connection possible.

      Stage 3:

      custom audio remote car start stage 3


      The third stage is to tape the soldered connection. This will protect the connection from a potential short.

      Stage 4:

      custom audio remote car start stage 4


      The fourth stage is to place a zip tie over the taped connection to ensure the tape does not come loose from vibration or age.

      Stage 5:

      custom audio erie pa remote start


      The fifth stage is to add an extra layer of safety to the system. We will install a mercury tilt switch or a pin switch to ensure the vehicle cannot be remote started when the hood is open. (Will only be added when the vehicle is not equipped with one from the factory)

      Stage 6:

      custom audio remote car start stage 6


      The sixth stage is to add a 10 gauge power wire with an inline fuse that is directly connected to the vehicles battery. This is rarely required with the use of new Compustar Remote Start modules.



      *Using these installation methods takes a longer amount of time, and we may not be able to do them in mass quantities, but we value quality over quantity every time.*


      T-Harness Installation

      T-Harness can be utilized for 75% of vehicles on the road today. It consists of a vehicle specific wiring harness that plugs directly into the Compustar Remote Start Brain being installed and the factory vehicle wiring.


      t harness remote start system custom audio erie pa


      The T-Harness features OEM style connectors to match the quality of the factory connector. Loomed wires with heat-resistant fabric tape to prevent damage to the wiring. Pre-cut, optimized wire length for the vehicle to ensure a perfect fit. It includes all of the necessary connections for a remote start system.


      t harness remote start system custom audio erie pa 16506


      The T-Harness is the go-to option for adding a remote start to a leased vehicle, as it is easy to remove and reduces the number of hardwired, military spliced connections. In most cases, you will not be able to tell it was installed once it is removed.




      Crimped Connection

      custom audio erie pa remote start


      The "other" way of doing a remote start installation consists of cutting the vehicles wiring and making a crimped connection. This method should not be used. This is not a permanent connection method and can easily be separated by vibrations. If the wires are to separate, it can adversely affect the normal operation of the vehicle. 


      Scotchlok and T-Taps

      custom audio erie pa remote start


      A Scotchlok or T-Tap connector bites down on the factory wire connecting it to the remote start wire. This connector is NOT meant to be used in vehicles and it does not always have a perfect connection if installed incorrectly, which can lead to issues down the road. The Scotchlok or T-Tap is meant to be a temporary connection and is designed to be easy to install. Custom Audio does NOT use these connectors in any of our installations.