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    Having the right car audio speakers can make your ride even more enjoyable than ever, whether you are cruising around the peninsula or heading to work, we have what you need! We can install speakers in just about anything you can think of including motorcycles, ATV, UTV, boats and much more. Custom Audio in Erie PA offers a wide selection of speakers and we have various models on display so you can hear them before you buy them! We stock many different size speakers for many different vehicles.
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    Utilizing their extensive testing and development resources, each of JL's speaker line has been optimized to reproduce your music with lifelike balance, effortless dynamics and smooth response in the car. Particular emphasis has been placed on off-axis response and dynamic stability which, might not be that important during a five minute evaluation on a demo board, but it makes all the difference when installed in your car. JL offers five different lines of speakers to fit anyone's needs.
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     Hertz, the unit of frequency, the number of cycles per second. From the brand’s name to the product characteristics, everything at Hertz car audio  reflects that we are a performance-oriented company, by philosophy and design. The enthusiasm for music vibrates within the Hertz team and lies at the heart of everything we do: over the years we have built an outstanding team of talented and passionate engineers who are committed to designing products at the top level of audio performance. Each new project starts from the fans’ and enthusiasts’ needs and is developed to connect them straight to the emotional power of music. Hertz philosophy is a unique combination of premium sound, living tradition, ingenious innovation and high quality, combined in a complete line of products for our customer’s maximum satisfaction.

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    Audison boasts a history of pioneering landmark innovations in audio reproduction, always continuing to push the technological boundaries and securing dozens of patents in the process. Unveiling a new frontier in high-fidelity sound reproduction, we allow audiophiles’ wildest dreams to come true. Audison has carved the foundation for speaker and amplifiers technologies used today when they released the first high current, bridged amplifier back in 1982. They have pioneered the aftermarket car stereo market with the productions of both affordable and high-quality speakers. Even tackling some of the more difficult vehicles such as Audi, BMW, VW and MINI. Audio integration without losing the factory head unit and/ or features. 
    addictive audio and krome audio custom audio erie pa 16506
    Founded in 1999, Addictive Audio & Krome Audio strives to bring consumers high performance quality based audio products at an exceptional value. They constantly search for the best components for all of their products and keep an eye out for better components as technology advances. Everything in Life is ADDICTIVE; AUDIO is Just the Most Important.