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    Today's modern vehicle audio systems are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and complex. Companies such as Pac Audio and IdataLink Maestro have engineered products to drastically simplify the installation of upgraded amplifiers in data-bus controlled amplified sound systems. This allows you to keep the original radio's fit and finish while giving you the freedom to improve the audio performance, without losing your features! Many of these products use a less-invasive, vehicle specific T-harness for an easy plug-and-play solution.


    • Time-delayed correction
    • Factory EQ correction
    • Retaining factory features
    • Provides a great source for the addition of aftermarket Speakers and Amplifiers


    Satellite Radio Kits For Factory Stereos




    Vais Technologies specializes in satellite radio, Auxiliary input and Bluetooth audio integration for factory radios.


    • Factory Functionality. Change satellite radio stations with your factory radio controls.
    • True Sound Quality. Our kits preserve satellite’s audio quality (no FM transmitters)
    • Eliminate clutter. Our system doesn’t have a bunch of wires going everywhere. There are no brackets to add to your dash, and nothing to plug into your cigarette lighter.