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     Let Custom Audio – of Erie, PA - install the perfect home audio system for your listening desires! Our featured amplifiers come in a range of sizes, colors and frequencies. Whether you’re trying to fill your hallways with soft melodies, or attempting to fill your entire home with pump up tunes, Custom Audio provides a range of services. Choose from a variety of 2 channel amplifiers to the most diverse multi channel amplifiers to match sound qualities that are pertinent to the most critical ears.


    anthem custom audio erie pa



    anthem mrx receiver custom audio erie pa




    Anthem's MRX series of Audio/Video Receivers is the most economical "one-component" route to home theater. Including both A/V processor and amplification in one unit. Available up to 15.2 Pre-Amplifier and 11 Amplifier channel's with up to 140 watts per channel. All with Dolby Atmos, ARC Room Correction, DTS:X and more. Experience the MRX today at Custom Audio in Erie PA.






     The STR Series of Power Amplifiers, Preamplifiers and Integrated Amplifiers from Anthem are based on an entirely new platform. They allow more control and more power, with more connection options and more advanced technology, with easy to use components. They balance extreme power and delicate transparency, with flawless signal integrity.


    anthem str preamplifier amplifier integrated amplifier custom audio erie pa



    arc anthem room correction custom audio erie pa
    ARC, Anthem Room Correction from Anthem puts the sophistication and power of an advanced audio lab in your hands to provide you with the tools to achieve perfect sound at home. ARC is sophisticated enough to produce real results that you can hear, easy enough to be used by anyone, advanced enough to allow you to customize the settings, and professional enough to give you the kind of results you'd expect from software and hardware costing thousands of dollars.



    arc anthem room correction graph custom audio erie paarc anthem room correction screen custom audio erie pa