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    Blog — JL AUDIO

    JL Audio Stealthbox Install in a 2023 GMC Yukon Denali: Unleashing the Bass Beast Stealthily

    JL Audio Stealthbox Install in a 2023 GMC Yukon Denali: Unleashing the Bass Beast Stealthily

    Hello, audio enthusiasts! We've got a sonic treat for you today.

    Picture this: you're cruising down the highway in your 2023 GMC Yukon Denali, the open road ahead of you, and the sweet sound of your favorite tunes making your journey even more enjoyable. You feel the music, not just hear it. Yes, we're talking about the bass - the heart of any great audio experience.

    But, what if you could have all the bass your heart desires without sacrificing any of your precious cargo space? Sounds like an audio buff's dream, right? Well, buckle up, because we've just made that dream come true for one couple.

    Meet the JL Audio Stealthbox® (model: SB-GM-5GSUV/10TW3). This isn't just any subwoofer; it's a masterclass in audio engineering and design. Designed to install invisibly behind the driver's side cargo panel, the Stealthbox® promises premium bass performance without eating up an inch of your cargo space. It's the perfect blend of form and function for the discerning car audio enthusiast.

    The Stealthbox® comes equipped with a 10-inch TW3 thin-line subwoofer in a custom-formed, sealed enclosure. It's got all the power you need (400 watts, to be precise), wired for 2 ohm mono. This subwoofer system can easily replace the OEM "subwoofer" system, if your vehicle comes equipped with one. And the best part? You get all the superior bass performance with no compromise on space or aesthetics.

    But, our tale doesn’t end with just the specs. Enter AJ, our car audio maestro, who recently performed an installation of the Stealthbox® into a 2023 GMC Yukon Denali. AJ's craftsmanship would impress even the most critical audiophile. His meticulous work ensures that the Stealthbox® not only sounds great but also blends seamlessly into the vehicle's interior.

    Our customers, a couple with a passion for travel, couldn't be happier. They got the enhanced audio experience they desired without forfeiting any of their precious cargo space. And that's the beauty of the Stealthbox®. It's all about delivering powerful, pitch-perfect bass without any visible changes to your vehicle's interior.

    So, if you're looking to take your in-car audio experience to the next level without losing room for your travel gear, the Stealthbox® could be music to your ears (quite literally!). It's a clear testament that great things come in stealthy packages.

    Stay tuned for more exciting audio adventures, and remember - don't just listen to the music, feel it!


    Custom Audio's Quick Guide to Marine Audio and Upgrading with JL Audio Products

    Custom Audio's Quick Guide to Marine Audio and Upgrading with JL Audio Products

    Experiencing the open water on Lake Erie or Chautauqua Lake isn't just about the visual feast of the horizon meeting the lake; it's also about the auditory experience. The right marine audio setup can elevate your boating experience to new heights. Here's a guide to understanding marine audio and how you can upgrade your system using JL Audio products.

    Understanding Marine Audio

    JL Audio Marine Audio is designed specifically for the challenging environment of a boat. This includes being waterproof to withstand spray and occasional drenching, and being UV-resistant to cope with long hours in the sun. Importantly, marine audio equipment is designed to deliver quality sound in an open environment.

    Why Upgrade?

    Stock marine audio systems often fall short in terms of sound quality, volume, and durability. Upgrading to a high-quality system like those offered by JL Audio can provide a richer, fuller sound, and a more durable setup built to withstand the marine environment.

    Choosing JL Audio

    JL Audio has a comprehensive selection of marine audio products, covering everything from speakers and subwoofers to amplifiers and source units. Their speakers are specifically designed for the marine environment, providing excellent sound quality while resisting the environmental stresses of a boat.


    JL Audio's marine speakers are designed to produce great sound while withstanding the marine environment. The M3 and M6 series offer excellent performance and value.


    A good subwoofer can add depth to your marine audio. JL Audio's M3 and M6 marine subwoofers deliver powerful, clean bass, even in open-air boating environments.


    Amplifiers are key to a powerful marine audio system. JL Audio's marine amplifiers, like the M-series and MX-series, deliver clean, efficient power to your speakers and subwoofers.

    Source Units

    JL Audio's source units, like the MediaMaster series, offer flexible, high-quality options for delivering your favorite music on the water.


    Upgrading your marine audio system with JL Audio products can transform your boating experience. With their range of high-quality, durable products, you can enjoy superior sound on the water. Let Custom Audio help you improve your boating experience by guiding you towards the best solution.  

    We offer free "Boat Calls" where we can listen to your present system and give you recommendations to meet your expectations.  Call or email us to schedule an appointment today!